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New Zealands land, sea and sky is the focus for my paintings.

Many of these landscapes have been centered around childhood memories growing up in the Otago region, the place I call home.

I am inspired by the Psalmist wellspring of poetic songs about the earth being stretched out like fabric, with patterns and folds like a garment, references to a Omnipotent Creator as the master craftsman and designer.  Also referencing to the earth pouring forth speech day and night.

I am fascinated with the idea of Earth being clothed and how when we rise above it, the earth shows its velvet like features in the differing light throughout the day, I enjoy painting strokes of color, highlights and shadow in layers like a weaving, creating my own land tapestry.

The land displays it’s splendor, it calls for our response. My work is all about the beauty I see every day and my response to it.

Thanks be to Him, who has strewn these treasures of form and color throughout the earth, to gladden my heart and cheer my sight.